Friday, October 10, 2008

The real Akwaboa(h)

Thanks for your kind comments. I'll reward it with another treat: Master Bob Akwaboa and his Supreme Internationals. Beat that!
Ok, he isn't very modest, but i think he has every right to. Listen to this, a relentless repetitive beat with that unique gravely voice. Perhaps not the finest singer, but one of the best voices in Highlife. (Only rivalled by F. Kenya in my opinion). And don't forget the subtle guitar. Enough said:

Akwaboa and his Supreme Internationals - Yede Owuo Ka

(With thanks to Ubulujaja, the supplier of this great track,
not the right cover, but this one's so cool!)


oro said...

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Anonymous said...

There is another great record by Akwaboah available at

TAXI Records said...

wicked selection
I collect and produce Jamaican music, but love this, the connection with Jamaica is very strong in the rhythm patterns, too