Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nana Ampadu's African Brothers International Band

What is it all about?
Well, i would like to share my enthusiasm about the Highlife music with you. I know there must be some people out there that understand what i'm talking about. Highlife is the a type of African popular music, mostly from Ghana and Nigeria. It often has a melancholic, bit bluesy feeling that i really like. Big names in this genre are E.T Mensah, The African Brothers, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, just to name some of my favourites. (for more background, just check Wikipedia) Although highlife has been very popular in Ghana and in Nigeria, in the eighties it lost lots of ground to other musical forms, and in my opinion it has never been the same since. There are still some bands active, but for most Africans this is just nostalgic music from the past. Consequently it is not commercially interesting to re-release this music on cd, so hard to find scratchy records is all we are left with. I've been collecting for some years now and i'm sure i have some interesting tunes in store for you. Be back soon!

This is a track from the 'Tribute to DK Nyarko' album of the African Brothers. DK Nyarko was a pivotal figure in the Ghanaian highlife scene.