Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Golden Voice sings Gospel

Pat Thomas was one of Ghana's most popular singers in the seventies and eighties, loved for his smooth crooning voice.
More background here.
Here's one of his later tracks, born-again as Gospel singer. Accompanied by his long-time musical mentor Ebo Taylor, smooth as ever.

Pat Thomas - Gyae Su

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Franco (Not le Grand Maitre)

It is time to even the score a bit between the Ghanaians and the Nigerians, so here's Franco Lee Ezute and his Harmony Kings. No information whatsoever, just some fine music.

Franco Lee Uzute - Osonni

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Commercial break

Highlife not only comes in obscure records, there's obscure cd's too!
By obscure i mean: not available in a regular music (web-) shop, but only specialized Ghanaian music shops. Typical Ghanaian: they like to keep things in their own hands.
I'd like to present a couple of favourites:
First the best of Canadoes International Band

Canadoes - Enowaa ko hene
(what about those tulips! a Dutch-Ghanaian production)
Then Opambuo Internationals

Opambuo - Kai kai

And lastly Yamoah's Band

Yamoah's - Abotare
Four volumes in all, the sound quality is sometimes poor, but the music is allways great!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The real Akwaboa(h)

Thanks for your kind comments. I'll reward it with another treat: Master Bob Akwaboa and his Supreme Internationals. Beat that!
Ok, he isn't very modest, but i think he has every right to. Listen to this, a relentless repetitive beat with that unique gravely voice. Perhaps not the finest singer, but one of the best voices in Highlife. (Only rivalled by F. Kenya in my opinion). And don't forget the subtle guitar. Enough said:

Akwaboa and his Supreme Internationals - Yede Owuo Ka

(With thanks to Ubulujaja, the supplier of this great track,
not the right cover, but this one's so cool!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The King Of Hypertension

Well, after this Ghanaian Highlife, now it's time for a great Nigerian: Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe. He hardly needs an introduction, one of the most prolific Highlife stars ever. Active over more than 40 years, a monument of Highlife. I have allmost 40 albums myself, but I can never grow bored of his music. A lot of his albums are now available on cd, most of quite decent quality. I'll post one of the ones skipped for reasons unknown. Here's a track from '78-2', the track 'Obiajulu' ('the heart is consoled'), also the name of his eldest son.

Osadebe - Obiajulu

Ps. as you can see, I have not been very active lately. But now, being linked to the great 'Worldservice' site, I expect more visitors. Let me know you're out there and leave your comment. All links are repaired.