Sunday, August 21, 2011

BB Collins Marfo

It's been awhile, but here's another nice highlife tune for you to enjoy. BB Collins Marfo and his Powerful Believers, including Sammy Cropper and Baffour Kyei.
An inspired piece of work, if you ask me.
(and they take their time)
I'm sure this makes up for my long absence.

B.B. Collins and the Powerful Believers - Anoma Antu A

Monday, May 30, 2011

I Have My Liberty, Ghanaian gospel

A reader asked me to tell you about his project involving Ghanaian gospel.
And of course, Highlife and Ghanaian Gospel share common roots, so just let me quote from his message:
" I’m writing to share my recently completed project, I Have My Liberty! Gospel Sounds from Accra, Ghana. It's an album of songs, performances, and sounds recorded live from the churches of Ghana’s capital city. Captured in the fall of 2008, these recordings act as a sonic tour through the ubiquitous but under-documented churches of urban Accra."

Here are a few links to the project:
- Listen to the album in its entirety at:
- Read the I Have My Liberty! blog at:
- Download and share select songs at:

This brings back memories of my visit to a Ghanaian Highlife mass. Not being religious myself, i can say it was a very impressive event.
P.S. Don't miss my previous May-post!

St. Michael

It appears that Augustine was not the only saint with a musical career: here's St. Michael And His Oboshi International. I have no information whatsoever about this band, so if anybody has, please step up.
'Oboshi' is probably the town Obosi in Anambra State. Anyway, i just like the eccentric music, i'm sure you will enjoy it too.

St. Michael And His Oboshi International - Chukwu-di

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Richard Ugiagbe

One of the fascinating features in African music is that each ethnic group has it's own musical preferences. This is very much true of Nigerian Highlife: even if you don't understand the language, you can hear the difference between Ibo and Niger-delta highlife. The most eccentric form of highlife is for me Edo (or Bini) highlife. Of course, it's most famous representative Victor Uwaifo is very much a mainstream musician, but listen to this Ricard Ugiagbe recording: really something else.
When i first heard it, i was really confused: where is this music going? But like all good music, it gets under your skin and stays there.
And it's a peculiar language too: what about a track called 'Vbenogawemwinghaye'?

Richard Ugiagbe - Ihomwan

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Opambuo Internationals

In reaction to my last post, Joseph asked me to upload a track by Opambuo Internationals, used in a YouTube clip. Unfortunately i don't have the track, 'wompe masem', so if anyone can help us... That's the frustration you get by collecting this music: i do have 8 albums, but who knows how many more great music is totally unavailable.
Instead i'll just post another fine song by the 'Man With The Golden Voice', from their first album.
Opambuo Internationals - 07 - Dee abeba mmra

Friday, January 28, 2011

City Boys

Another great track from one of my favorite bands. Although you first have to get used to the sharp voice of Nana Ampadu's nephew, J.A. Adofo, i'm sure you will agree. This is one of those bands that never let you down: all their albums are good, and some are really great. Instrumentation is subtle, and i especially love the organ. If only i knew what the song is about...Aye...

City Boys - Obi Benya Wo A