Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yamoah's Band

Although his ouvre is small, for me P.K. Yamoah is one of the greatest highlife musicians ever. His musical career started in 1954, and lasted until the mid seventies. Last year, he must be about 75, he was rewarded the Musical Merit Award in Ghana. Luckily some of his work is available on 4 cd's, but i prefer the lp versions. Some tracks on the cd's sound too fast, and are indeed shorter than on the lp's i have.
Anyway, the cd's are still a must have for anyone interested in Ghanaian highlife.
Yamoah's music has a unique sound and rhythm, a loose 'swing' and feeling that is never even imitated.
Listen to Onantefo and you know what i mean. A real classic.

Yamoah's Band - Onantefo