Sunday, March 29, 2009

Goddy (khaki) & the Ambassadors in his Omajiji-ji 70s

Every now and then you come across a record, and you think Wow, this guy is no beginner, why have i never heard of him before?
And even after searching the net, you still don't know anything about him.
Here is my latest 'discovery': Goddy (khaki) & the Ambassadors in his Omajiji-ji 70s. Fine name for a band, isn't it? A very laid-back type of highlife, with a latin touch.

Igbo cheghara
Ps. Fine cover too! Anybody has information about Goddy Ezike?

Friday, March 13, 2009

King of Anioma Highlife

I think this artist needs no introduction: Ali Chukwuma. But for further information
This is a track from a 1976 record, and i think it is great! Somehow 1976 has been a real peak year for highlife. No horns, but i promise you you won't miss them..

Ali Chukwuma - Ogeli sili obi
ps: all old links seem to be working (but sometimes you have to be patient)