Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Melody Aces - Stars Of West-Africa

Nothing like a cheerful Highlife track to end the year. And Highlife never was so cheerful as in the early sixties. Just gained independence and everything seemed possible. And the music of that era reflects that optimism: listen to this track by the Melody Aces.

Melody Aces - Emase Puro O

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Indomitable White Eagles

No Brothers this time, but a couple of fierce feathered friends. Actually, they look quite friendly on this cover, thanks to the straw hats. Nice Nigerian Highlife, a bit repetitive, but never boring. Enjoy.

Indomitable White Eagles - Mr. Simeon Yabrifa Special

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

John Okpor and his Golden Tones

Judging by the lack of comments to my last post i guess you're ready for something completely different. Ok, it's Highlife, but Nigerian, and a lot more 'modern' than usual. But i find this really a hypnotic track, and have played this album a lot lately. Especially suited for driving, in my opinion, uptempo but relaxing as well.
For more information: check Ubulujaja's Highlife Turntable.

John Okpor And His Golden Tones- Ele Igbameni Utei

Sunday, September 12, 2010

S.K. Oppong

To finish my small series of Neo-traditional Ghanaian artists, here's Samuel Kwesi Oppong's guitar band. Another artist featured on the famous Original Music's "I've Found My Love" compilation. One guitar, some percussion and a couple of voices. Very laid-back Highlife music in the tradition of Kwaa Mensah. Please consult the liner notes for more information.

S. K. Oppong - Manhu Woa Mentumi Nda

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

K.K. 's

Here's another neo-traditional band, in the style of E.K Nyame. Not E.K. No1 band, but K.K's No2. Although A.K. Yeboah can't reach as high as Kwabena Okai, he certainly does his best. Hope you like it too.

P.s. Cool cover,not?

KK's no2 band - Mongye Nsa Nom

Sunday, June 27, 2010

EK Nyame's Sankofa

After last months classic, now a track by one of the most important innovators of Highlife, EK Nyame. Always with his lead singer Kobina Okai, he developed a unique style that was very successful and influential. Listen to the typical Ghanaian way of singing harmony, three voices not blending together but each going his own way.
A small warning: this is really an acquired taste and no easy listening!

EK Nyame - Ma Ye Mayee Minni Aye

Ps i love covers with these Ashanti toga's. Next time another one..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oko's Band

I only had a couple of very nice singles by Oko's Band, so I was very happy to get hold of this record. According to the sleeve-notes Oko's a real old-timer, and this must be one of the first Ambassador releases. The first track already popped-up in another blog, so i give you the second track: a 'Bushey' with more than a hint of 'El Manisero' in it.

Oko's Band - Owuo Aye Me Bi

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Abiriwa

Here's a solo album by Dan Orji, of Peacocks fame. I saw my blog referred to as delivering the occasional Highlife gem, and this track certainly fits the bill. Listen to the subtle guitar-work by Tunde Sole!

Dan Orji - Ebere egbulam

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ghanaian Highlife mix

I like to turn my singles, downloads and the occasional album track into compilation cd's. (yes, i know, that is getting old-fashioned). Even though this is a completely random process, after a while the songs become connected and their combination starts to fit together. This is one of my favorites at the moment, so i thought you might appreciate it also.

Highlife collection 15

Special thanks to Ubulujaja (highlife turntable) for the great F. Kenya track!
(trackname) means i don't know the title, but this is what it sounds like.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yamoah's Band

Although his ouvre is small, for me P.K. Yamoah is one of the greatest highlife musicians ever. His musical career started in 1954, and lasted until the mid seventies. Last year, he must be about 75, he was rewarded the Musical Merit Award in Ghana. Luckily some of his work is available on 4 cd's, but i prefer the lp versions. Some tracks on the cd's sound too fast, and are indeed shorter than on the lp's i have.
Anyway, the cd's are still a must have for anyone interested in Ghanaian highlife.
Yamoah's music has a unique sound and rhythm, a loose 'swing' and feeling that is never even imitated.
Listen to Onantefo and you know what i mean. A real classic.

Yamoah's Band - Onantefo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Peoples Star in London (3)

I couldn't think of a better way to start 2010 than with a track from the King himself, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe. Ok, the album says Peoples Star, but there's no doubt that it's just Osadebe in disguise. Peoples Star in London vol 1 and 2 are well known, but this comes from another volume: Ofe Di Uzo.
A real suprise!

The Peoples Star - Nkiruka