Friday, March 13, 2009

King of Anioma Highlife

I think this artist needs no introduction: Ali Chukwuma. But for further information
This is a track from a 1976 record, and i think it is great! Somehow 1976 has been a real peak year for highlife. No horns, but i promise you you won't miss them..

Ali Chukwuma - Ogeli sili obi
ps: all old links seem to be working (but sometimes you have to be patient)


calumbinho said...

Real great track, and thanks a lot for reactivating the older posts - I've been able to download everything, and loved it. The only one I can't seem to get is the very first post, from the 'Tribute to DK Nyarko' album of the African Brothers. Tried both the "play" and the "" links, and none get anywhere. Thanks again.

icastico said...

I was just listen to Ali Chukwuma on the way to work this morning. Great stuff. I don't have this track...thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again...Wonderful song.
Kostas from Greece.

Anonymous said...

Ali Chukwuma was one of the greatest highlife stars to come from Nigeria but suddenly passed away in around 1986 or so. My senior brother knew him very well and was his hired transporter when he suddenly fell ill and died after a concert. Very talented indeed! Can we have the rest of this LP please?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude but obviously you're putting some thought and effort into this blog. Why post a single song? Do you think those of us from all over the world, checking out your blog, will love this song and then run down to our local record store in Budapest or Nijmegen or Kansas City and buy three copies of this album? Its absurd putting up single songs. Have you checked out the other half dozen blogs on the www posting similar material - their generosity, etc. This is just a waste of time although not quite as bad as africolombia who just wants to brag about his collection by posting all the covers and the odd song on a lousy download service at a poor bitrate. Get with it and spread the love or stay home and lock your doors, protect the COLLECTION.

Akwaboa said...

Hi Anonymous March 17,
Well, i think i'm generous as it is, posting this costly music for you. But if it's too frustrating for you, just keep on visiting those other sites that suit your needs better.
But please, first tell us where we can enjoy your collection, i'm allways interested in free music myself (you must be Dutch too..)

calumbinho said...

It's your blog, it's got beautiful music, and, even though I also like complete albums, I hope you will continue to handle it exactly as you wish.
I would also love to check out the music that Anonymous is currently sharing. A, would you be so kind as to give us a link to your blog?

John B. said...

Akwaboa, you shouldn't feel defensive about this. It's your blog and you can follow whatever policy you wish. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Frequently, these LPs only have one good tune. But, Anonymouse, if you want them all, why don't you track down the artist and pay him for a recording? Or a Nigerian record owner? Share, Baby, share your relative wealth.

This blog is great. Keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

Link is dead could you please give us a new one?
Thanks for the awesome music!