Monday, April 17, 2017

Agyeman Brothers International Band

This album puzzels me. Why Ageman Brothers, when it is so clearly a Agyeman Opambuo album? Why was it not published as Opambuo International Band?
And who is/are the other brother(s)? Is it Eric Agyeman? If so, why is he not mentioned on the cover?
Well, i guess i will never know. Anyway, it's nice album, i will share the second track with you.
Here is Meni Tro Dabaasi


Anonymous said...

Is this the same album?


Akwaboa said...

Hi Ken,

Yes, probably. No Money No wife is one of the tracks on the album.

kwabena boakye said...

I believe Opambuo just named the band after himself and refers to the members as his brothers. Just the same way other brother bands were named such as Ashanti brothers, All brothers, African brothers etc

Opambuo has been someone who has changed band names from Opambuo international band of Ghana, Opambuo junior dance band, opambuo internationals, agyeman brothers and i have seen his name spelled opambua, opampo etc...

It looks like it was more of reputation and playing the song right, than getting the name right back in those days.

this is a beautiful song regardless.
Thank you.

kwabena Boakye.

John B. said...

Hello all!

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djcake said...

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