Sunday, February 24, 2013

Olariche Brothers

Another group of brothers. Out of the albums I have of this band, this one is my favourite. The sound reminds me of the Peacocks, spacious with a lot of percussion, subtle guitars and raw voices. All in all, just the way i like it.

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Olariche Super Sonic Band of Owerri - Parariche


Akwaboa said...

An experiment in crowdfunding...
Did you like this track? I can send you the rest of the album for $2. I think that’s a reasonable price, comparable with commercial sellers. For me this is not commercial, just a way to keep this hobby affordable. I put a lot of money and effort in this music, so why not support me and you get this music for a small price. Ok, free is cheaper, but I don’t see why I should give away something that has cost me a lot. And to show that I’m not in it for the money. I promise that I’ll donate my profit (if any) to an appropriate good cause. Paypall me $2 at and I’ll send you a link for the rest of the album.
And if that’s too much for you, well just enjoy what I give you for free.

Anonymous said...

You're very generous. I would suggest that you donate to the artists that wrote and performed the music.

Akwaboa said...

Yes, you're right. But that poses some practical problems. Actually it is only a hypothetical problem: there is not much interest in this service anyway. But feel free to donate to the musicians, to make up for downloading their music for free.