Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Richard Ugiagbe

One of the fascinating features in African music is that each ethnic group has it's own musical preferences. This is very much true of Nigerian Highlife: even if you don't understand the language, you can hear the difference between Ibo and Niger-delta highlife. The most eccentric form of highlife is for me Edo (or Bini) highlife. Of course, it's most famous representative Victor Uwaifo is very much a mainstream musician, but listen to this Ricard Ugiagbe recording: really something else.
When i first heard it, i was really confused: where is this music going? But like all good music, it gets under your skin and stays there.
And it's a peculiar language too: what about a track called 'Vbenogawemwinghaye'?

Richard Ugiagbe - Ihomwan


Simone Carcano said...

Hello,my name is Simone Carcano,I'm Italian, I married a Nigerian woman and I really like the highlife music ,I know Richard Ugiagbe , I had one of his very old type but I've lost it now and I can not find anything of his,the title are "Richard Ugiagbe and His Band of Benin" , provided me great pleasure when I found this song on youtube,can you help me to find other songs of Ugiagbe?
You'd be very grateful :-)
thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

can you please re-upload this track? the link appears to have died.

Anonymous said...

We have set up a page:

dkd said...

Please re-up this! Thanks in advance.

BarryB said...

I'd love to hear the entire album. Your description really raised my curiosity, and that was only furthered by the single cut somebody's placed on Youtube. I hope you do re-upload this Ugiagbe's entire album at some point--but in any case, thanks for demonstrating the remarkable character of Edo Highlife.

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