Saturday, October 24, 2009

Highlife Gospel

There is a very thin line between secular highlife and gospel music in Ghana. Typical highlife bands as the African Brothers, Yamoah's and even AB Crentsil's Sweet Talks recorded a lot of tracks that are definitely religious in nature. And as the popularity of gospel grew in the 1980's, some highlife musicians turned from secular to religious music. As i don't speak the language it is even harder for me to distinguish the two.
But here are 2 examples of highlife-gospel bands: Edward Kwasi Boateng's Band and Love Nortey's Happy Stars.

Happy Stars - Wano nsem pii
Kwasi Boateng's Band - Asem ato me

(Do i hear Kwabena Okai there among the Happy Stars? Unfortunately no cover..)


Akwaboa said...

Why only samples? People keep asking me to post complete albums. Of course i could but i wont. The reason is that i spend a lot of time and money collecting this music and i don't mind sharing it
but on a fair basis. Meaning: do you have music like this for me and like to exchange mp3's:
Email me and perhaps we can make a deal.
If not i'm also willing to sell mp3's, let's see for $25 dollar twice the price of a commercial cd
but probably a lot less than i paid for it. (I bought some music myself that way so i think it is fair.)
This is not a commercial thing just a service, as i prefer exchanging music...
And of course you can just enjoy what i post and be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Of course, everybody loves free stuff (me included!), but it's your site and we follow the rules you set. And the rules are clear and well thought-out. I enjoy the samples you provide, and especially the commentary that you provide along with them. I think it's a shame that there is no large-scale project to re-issue Ghanaian music (like there has been with Congolese or Nigerian music), but I remain hopeful that this will happen some day. I hope the archives are still out there...

yearsagotoday said...

I love the Kwasi Boateng's Band track. Thanks!

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