Sunday, July 19, 2009

Real Internationals

A lot of highlife bands call themselves International, a term that has as little meaning as the also popular use of the 'Brothers' label. But here i have a track of a band who seems to try to really do something across regional and ethnic boundaries: a Kenyan album by the Peacocks (international, of course).
Their hit song 'Sambola mama' in an extended version with an East-African twist.
(Ok, i got carried away, it's just a kenyan pressing...)

Peacocks - Sambola mama
Nb. I hesitated to scan the cover, but even this is better than nothing, and it gives you an indication of the state of the album.


icastico said...

(^_^) -thanks as always. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! Great sound, possibly what we regard today as the remix version. I love the Peacocks and thanks for this sweet igbo highlife.

John B. said...

Why do you say this is a Kenyan album? The NEMI in the reference number indicates that it was issued by EMI in Nigeria. Not to say that it isn't great, of course!

Akwaboa said...

John: well, the label says it was made in Kenya, so i guess it was made for the Kenyan market. Of course, that doesn't say that it was recorded for the Kenyan market..

John B. said...

Hmmm. . . that's interesting! But maybe not so surprising. I have benga records that were pressed in Nigeria, so why shouldn't the traffic go the other way as well? After all, "Sweet Mother" was a huge hit in Kenya as it was all over Africa. The connection between Kenyan & Eastern Nigerian music is not really documented but obviously there.

But I bet the sleeve was printed in Nigeria. said...

check those images from the Poly Rythmo in 2009

and thanks for the music !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant - cheers for posting!

Anonymous said...

Geat sound- Please can some one post- erimam by Abaraka 77 and Chief Agwu Nwukpa special by Kabaka International Guitar Band
Thanks Jon Lawrence said...

How can I obtain this entire album, I don't mind paying for it?

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