Monday, December 29, 2008

City Boys

The City Boys International Band of Ghana is one of those bands that must be popular in Ghana (and Nigeria) itself but who are allmost unknown over here. Probably because of their vocals: this typical sharp Ghanaian sound, not very comfortable in Western ears. The music reminds me of the African Brothers: perhaps no coincidense since the leader of the City boys, Obooba J.A. Adofo 'Black Chinese' is Nana Ampadu's nephew.

City Boys - Me yaree fi mefie

ps: got it in the wrong sleeve, anyone knows the title of the album? (Scodisc Sound SDX9, first track 'Gyae Su')


chief super delay said...

hey this album is awesome, i got it about a year ago but have never transferred it to digital. I like your blog, keep it up. And as a request, I'm a huge fan of Alhaji K Frimpong and his various bands. I once saw a vis-a-vis album go for over $500 on ebay which is way out of my price range. Do you have any full albums from this great artist?

Akwaboa said...


Yes,these prices are unbelievable sometimes..
I have a cd:
and 1 lp, don't know the title. Also some Vis-a-vis tracks.
I'll see if i can post them sometime.
If you have something to trade,that's another matter...

Anonymous said...

Niek ,
Fabolous Tracks !!


chief super delay said...

yes, I have that CD and I made another comp for myself of other tracks I've found on African comps and such. In the Ghana Soundz vol. 1 liner notes there's a picture of Vis-a-Vis and Alhaji (i think) is holding a korg synth. When I saw that picture I couldn't believe it because I too own the same keyboard. It sounds nice. As for trade, do you mean vinyl or digital?

Malam Bala said...

In case interested listeners feel for more: Awesome Tapes from Africa uploaded almost 3 City Boys Tapes.

comfort said...

hi, i am looking for this Lp scodisc 9 for some time.
Sleeve tiltle should be Gyae Su but not sure
A1 Gyae Su
A2 Efie Biara Ne Asem
A3 Obi Aba Wuo
A4 Wone Wonkonsa Yi
B1 Abode Nsema
B2 Me Yaree Fi Mefie
B3 Yaa Foriwah
B4 Kwame Ankera Yiyie

maybe you want to swap it with some other CB lp's i have? cheq:

let me know ..would really be nice

Z j A k said...

Hi ,I have this album !
City Boys Band of Ghana, led by Obuoba J.A. alias Chairman Muo.
Do you want a photo ?

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